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Whew, i just can’t seem to digest all that’s needed to get around this blog thing. I know it’s pretty much expected from a newbie like me, yet I can’t shake off the feeling that my technical ignorance will deter my success on this world. Pessimistic eh?… hopefully not.

Bloggers are just simply writers. People who need a medium to express their feelings, opinions, ideas and messages. Undeniably we all crave for readers, otherwise, what good is it to write online when you can just keep the traditional diary or journal. To be a successful blogger technical efficiency, if not expertise, is necessary to get to your target readers. And for that, I’d say the basic paper-pen tandem is more convenient for me. It’s a bit of a hassle getting my piece printed but a little help from contacts and use of phone is enough. In this blogging world I entered now, I need to push the right button and have the right links so I can get readers and subscribers. Am I to stop? Of course not. I’m here to face up to the challenge. In due time, I’ll get past this honeymoon stage and will be an expert blogger. If not, at least I tried, lol.

Here’s wishing me goodluck!.. 🙂


About globalpinay

I am a proud Filipina Muslim, embracing Islam as my faith and way of life since 2009. This blog is about my journey to become the person I am meant to be … You will see me in the streets fighting for a cause I believe in, or in my office writing whatever my brain is busy with, or in my room praying to and worshiping the One God who makes all my dreams come true… Just try to ignore our differences and enjoy my blog :)

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