Willie Revillame : The Good or The Bad?


It’s all over the news in the Phils and is being discussed in most internet sites, the latest “Willie Revillame debacle” – the Jan Jan dance. I saw the controversial video and watched Willie’s last statement on Willieng Willie only last night and I can’t help but feel for the man. He’s projecting an image of flambouyance, arrogance and stubborness. But for one who’s gone through lots of storm myself, Willie is very visible to me. On that moment, he’s clearly a picture of a man who’s very sad, angry, and bewildered on how things went so swiftly from best to worst. Though I would have to credit him for trying his best not to appear weak and defeated.  In making the statement, Willie talks calmly and he’s clearly controlling his emotions, but one can discern between the lines his deep pain and anger for what this controversy told the people about him. For want of understanding he tried to appear in control, but evidently he no longer has a hold on his feelings, it became too much for him to hold.

Willie felt betrayed by the industry he served and by the colleagues he shared his life with in this Big Showbiz World. He felt manipulated by an ex-boss whom he had given millions of profit. He felt used by the sponsors who left him hanging on air at a time he needed them most. He felt defenseless by lack of friends who will stand up for him. He felt useless on the face of losing his show that will badly affect the staff he loves. But he cannot cry all these things out loud. The pent up feelings showed in another way.  He resorted to rhetorics to make his detractors feel guilty and bad. He sought validation for his good intention by citing good deeds and past pains.  This for me has overshadowed the fact that he did nothing wrong in that Janjan segment of the show.  Willie was able to make his TV comeback a success without bringing out “the truths” he said on that statement, and he did it good, so he should have just stick to it. He discussed more of his feelings than his predicament on the main issue.  And this is not the Willie I knew from long time.

The good Willie is one who will not let his left hand know what the right is doing for the poor. The good Willie is strong in his opinions without fear of losing his job or friends. The good Willie is fighting the issues head on without personal attack to the person who brought it afront. The good Willie is who we missed to see for quite sometime now.

But who can blame the man? He suffered one trauma after another without even a chance to recover and heal after each fall.  Not that he don’t want to, but that this Big Showbiz World never gave him the chance.

Unconventional to accept as it may, the bad Willie is created by the media and his political detractors. The bad Willie is created by the people who can’t be content seeing one man bringing joy and hope to millions of filipinos regardless of his ways being acceptable or not. The bad Willie is created by those of us who are quick to judge but slow to understand.

Every man has a good and bad side. And the harder we push the latter to come out, the easiest it would be to destroy the man. Put yourself in Willie’s shoes and maybe then you will learn to understand. I don’t like Willie in some ways too. I don’t even agree with his views, especially the political ones. But I do believe the man has a good heart. A good heart he’s trying to share in the best way he thinks possible – through Showbiz.   

I hope the two-week break of the show will give Willie the chance to dwell on the issues at hand and spare his emotions; to learn his lessons and see the beauty in himself; to trust that he has friends and supporters who may not be strong enough to publicly stand up for him but are always keeping him in their hearts; to believe that good intentions will always prevail.

I hope the good Willie will get through all these a better, stronger man.

 Inshaallah, he will find his way.


About globalpinay

I am a proud Filipina Muslim, embracing Islam as my faith and way of life since 2009. This blog is about my journey to become the person I am meant to be … You will see me in the streets fighting for a cause I believe in, or in my office writing whatever my brain is busy with, or in my room praying to and worshiping the One God who makes all my dreams come true… Just try to ignore our differences and enjoy my blog :)

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