Learn, Learn, Learn


Life is a constant change. What may seem the perfect situation for you today can prove to be your biggest mistake in the future. And what you see as your biggest problem today may all the while be just the right opportunity you need to advance in life. So never be absolute about anything. Live it, try it, then learn something after it all ends. There is more to life than love and sadness, the world has bigger problems than your own.


About globalpinay

I am a proud Filipina Muslim, embracing Islam as my faith and way of life since 2009. This blog is about my journey to become the person I am meant to be … You will see me in the streets fighting for a cause I believe in, or in my office writing whatever my brain is busy with, or in my room praying to and worshiping the One God who makes all my dreams come true… Just try to ignore our differences and enjoy my blog :)

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