Monthly Archives: January 2013

Freedom and Faith


Pardon my long absence on this blog, a failure on my promise last time that I will post more often 😦  

I got engaged in a personal legal battle that has dragged on for 4 years and had taken 7 years of my life away from my children and family.  Just as the Gaza issue heated up last year (November) I felt oblige to finish my problems so I can strongly voice out my opinions and convictions without fear.  And thanks to my brothers and sisters in Islam from Dubai who helped me surpass all hindrances thrown my way, I am now happily back home in Manila Philippines.  Nothing can be better than being free in your homeland.  I wish the same for the people of Gaza.

Allow me to just enjoy a bit more time with my kids, family and friends.  After this much-deserved vacation, expect a stronger, bolder Me 🙂

To Allah be the glory, always!