Freedom and Faith


Pardon my long absence on this blog, a failure on my promise last time that I will post more often 😦  

I got engaged in a personal legal battle that has dragged on for 4 years and had taken 7 years of my life away from my children and family.  Just as the Gaza issue heated up last year (November) I felt oblige to finish my problems so I can strongly voice out my opinions and convictions without fear.  And thanks to my brothers and sisters in Islam from Dubai who helped me surpass all hindrances thrown my way, I am now happily back home in Manila Philippines.  Nothing can be better than being free in your homeland.  I wish the same for the people of Gaza.

Allow me to just enjoy a bit more time with my kids, family and friends.  After this much-deserved vacation, expect a stronger, bolder Me 🙂

To Allah be the glory, always!


About globalpinay

I am a proud Filipina Muslim, embracing Islam as my faith and way of life since 2009. This blog is about my journey to become the person I am meant to be … You will see me in the streets fighting for a cause I believe in, or in my office writing whatever my brain is busy with, or in my room praying to and worshiping the One God who makes all my dreams come true… Just try to ignore our differences and enjoy my blog :)

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