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Filipina = housemaid


We cried foul when the word “Filipina” was made synonymous to “housemaid”.  And yet, there’s no denying that it’s not too far from the truth.  A filipina, educated or not, grabs an opportunity to work abroad because there simply is no job in our country.  And efficient as she is, most employers would prefer a filipina maid over other nationalities for her cleanliness and ability to speak english.  As the demand grows, filipinas are becoming more convinced that it is the easiest if not the only option for them.  Nothing wrong with being a housemaid as it is a decent job.  Yet, we cried foul because we feel inferior and we just simply disregard the hard facts for our so-called dignity. 

As in most jobs, there are risks involved in the domestic help industry and, unfortunately, these sad stories are given more prominence in the media than the success of those who grew and moved on from being housemaids to admirable individuals.  I know for a fact that some of these housemaids who did remarkable and honest performances were given opportunities by their employers, go to school and eventually become a secretary and build her career up the ladder.  Some learned driving and would become personal assistants.  Some are lucky enough to be married to their employers after falling in love by constant companionship. 

The charm and intelligence of a filipina knows no bounds that I think if she just remain focused on her potentials instead of the dramas of her job, there will always be enough opportunities to turn her situation around.  On the other hand, a filipina’s lack of character because of her distorted culture is becoming a deterrence for her success.  Some filipinas, mostly the educated ones, accept a housemaid job only to get out of the country, but once they get to their destination and see the hardship of the job they signed up for they would run away or do stupid things instead of finding a way out of their employer’s sponsorship legally.  And when they’re on their own and no job can be found they will resort to stealing, prostitution, or drug dealing.  In the end, what she thought was a bad situation becomes her regret, and there’s no way back.

I’m not saying rhetorics here. I’ve met a lot of them, I’ve known their stories, I’ve seen how they evolved.  I’ve even seen some of them throwing away the best opportunities for the stupidest of reasons. You can help them, but there’s only as much you can do. It is still an individual’s decision and prerogative. 

Bottomline, sign up for a housemaid job if you accept the hardships that goes with it.  Be proud of who you are and what you do.  Do your job well, be honest, and pray hard for opportunities to improve your situation.  When things go wrong, seek help from the right people, exhaust the legal remedies, and don’t put yourself in a situation you’re sure to lose.