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We are all Gaza!



Gaza hit the headlines again and this time the violence escalated to new heights enough to fire up the hearts of freedom fighters all over the world, myself included. I am all for peace and would never trade diplomacy for anything. But my heart goes to the Palestinian people who had been systematically driven out of their homeland to establish the Jewish state that is called Israel, and until now are being deprived of their right to return home or at the very least settle peacefully to whatever is left of their original abode. The Gaza strip and the continuing violence that cripples it for decades now is a testament that imperialism still exists, in a more subtle package served in the same old blend of deception and religion. I won’t dwell on the history of how it all started as several references are now available, both written and in the internet, of why and how the Jews migrated and settled to the once Arab Palestinian nation to fulfill their “promised land” utopia. Not to mention how it also aimed to expand by attacking neighboring countries like Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon. Let’s put it all aside for the meantime and focus on the fact that we are being lied to, AGAIN, on who started the latest bombings to debilitate us from taking an informed and united stand to support the struggle for freedom of the Palestinian people, or at the very least to decry the violence they suffer from a war with Israeli Occupation Forces – the world’s 4th largest army.


The media almost always report every attack on Gaza in this narrative – “Israel only responded to an unprovoked Palestinian rocket fire”. It is a simple equation of Violent Arabs versus Peaceful Jews to many. Very few would even ask Why and How it all started.


In this very same pattern, media headlines on Saturday reported that the military wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine shot an anti-tank missile at an Israeli Defense Forces vehicle near the Gaza Border and four (4) Israeli soldiers where wounded. They, the Israeli Forces, just retaliated in defense through a full military bombardment which has now killed 30 civilians in Gaza and justified a possible ground invasion of the whole Gaza strip.


Care to ask what prompted the firing of the anti-tank missile which the media says started all this? On November 5, Monday, a 23-year old mentally-challenged Palestinian Ahmed Nabhani was shot when he approached the Israeli Border fence. Then on November 8, Thursday, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) invaded Southern Gaza and fired shots at a football field in Abbassan Village where 13-year old Ahmed Younis Daqqa was shot and wounded in the abdomen while playing with his friends. He was rushed to the hospital and eventually died. These very sensitive and emotional events stirred anger and resentments to the already bullied Palestinian people. And the rest is history, yet.


True, the Ceasefire was broken by the Palestinians on the 14th. But the timeline of events prior to it will give us why and who really started all these. More importantly, an attack by Liberation Forces to the Israeli Military will never suffice to justify the ruthless attacks to the civilians of the whole Gaza strip. This is the simple truth I know and will always stand up against.


Lastly, let me say this – take away the words Israel, Palestine, Gaza, Jews, Gentiles, Muslims, take it all away and it will all come down to human beings killing human beings. This is it.


There’s a time to observe and ask. And there’s a time to act. That time is now.


Let us all stand against bullying and killing and freedom-hijacking. Let us all stand for human rights. We all deserve a humane and peaceful existence. We are all Gaza.