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Only in Dubai


Dubai is a beautiful place, and UAE is such a wonderful country.  There are a lot of things I can say about this part of the world, but let me just write in here my favorites, the things and experiences one can have ONLY IN DUBAI 🙂

(1) THE 24/7 GROCERY DELIVERIES – Whatever time of day and night that you need some stuff you can call the grocery store’s number and ask them to deliver whatever you need.  You will especially appreciate this if you worked late then come home hungry and decided to cook than have another fast food delivery, then realized you don’t have salt or onion or whatever.  Not a prob, you can call and have it delivered to you in minutes.  It is also such a relief when you’re just simply too tired or too lazy to go out shopping, just make your list call the grocery store and wham, all done.

(2) THE AIRCONDITIONED BUS STOPS – Though I have not yet used Dubai’s public buses and can’t share what it feels like, I definitely acknowledge that the Bus Stops in Dubai are truly awesome – it’s airconditioned, closed, well lighted and secured.  I pass by so many of them on the road and I feel great for those commuters who are having a good time reading their books or magazines while waiting for the bus.  All the bus stops has a schedule board so the commuter knows what time exactly his bus is coming.

(3) THE JUSTICE SYSTEM – In almost all countries, one can never have a fair trial without a lawyer.  But in Dubai, as they follow the Sharia Law, even a person who cannot afford a lawyer may defend himself, makes his pleadings and prove his case before the court.  And his fate is not decided by just one person but 3 judges, who strongly upholds the law but are also merciful to those who really repent.  The penal institution is also nothing like I’ve seen in any countries I’ve researched, especially the women’s jail.  The inmates are not required to work and they are fed well 3 times a day.  The library and recreation yard inside the jail compound also helped a lot of offenders to have their soul-searching and rehabilitation time.

(4) THE COSMOPOLITAN ENVIRONMENT –  From whatever part of the globe you came from you will never be a stranger in Dubai.  The foods available and the places to see cater to all races.  And by involuntary association you know exactly where to go or live to be with people from your country – the filipinos are in Satwa, the Indians are in Karama, the Pakistanis are in Deira, the Egyptians are in Qusais, the Europeans are in Jumeira, etc etc.  Whatever floats your boat and whoever you wanna be with, Dubai will give you that good feeling and belonging.

(5) THE PARKS – I guess only in Dubai, or UAE at large, can you see the biggest number of parks.  They are just absolutely everywhere and any kind – beach park, pond park, water park, diving park, creek park, golf park, racing park etc etc.. name it you have it here.  It is a great place for creative people as they can just sit and have the time of their life in the parks the whole day.  I’ve done that several times, and I finish a lot of my articles and books in those wonderful parks.

(6) ABSENCE OF SQUATTERS AND BEGGARS – Coming from a country where lots of underprivileged abound, Dubai is a breathe of fresh air.  You won’t see a single beggar in the streets of Dubai.  And you won’t see a single squatter too.  I am not saying there are no poor people in this country.  Maybe there are, but they live in dignity.  The worst living quarter is a bedspace in Satwa or Karama and the people you can closely associate with beggars are those knocking in your doors during the ramadan month.  For the most part, beggars and squatters are non-existent.

(7) THE POLICE FORCE –  Believe this, you will not see a patrol policeman in Dubai with bulging stomach.  They are all well-built, old and young alike.  And they are authoritative but friendly, you can reason out with them and they will listen.  If you transgress a law, they will not spare you but will not make you  feel like inhuman.  They go by their job humanely.  And yes, they are very helpful.  About 3 years back, out of haste I went out of my car without turning off the engine and aircon, grabbed my bag and closed the door manually.  Seconds later,  I realized the car’s engine is running and there’s no way I can open it up since I don’t have spare key too.  I called the police hotline, 2 policeman came and patiently opened the door of my car with a small wire slipped through the window.  I have lots of good experiences with the police forces in Dubai but that one really stands out in my memory, as I feel that if they were there for me for such a small problem then surely they will be there when I’m in big trouble.  And that came true.  But that’s another story 🙂

(8) THE FREE PRACTICE OF RELIGION – I think this is the only muslim country where you can freely practice your religion without fear.  There are christian churches and congregation houses everywhere.  Some christians wear their crucifix and hang it in their cars too.  And surprisingly, amidst this freedom, so many are still converting to Islam.  Just another proof that democracy has its many forms.

Think  this is all I got on top of my head right now.  So many great things and people can be experienced in Dubai.  And I just so00 love this country!

Happy National Day UAE!